The Importance of an Irrigation Status Check

New Horizons Landscape performs a detailed check of your entire irrigation system once a year. This service is done before we turn water back on in the spring, or at the start of a new service. We will inspect the system for any deficiencies. New Horizons takes note of what is found and quickly communicates the issues to the client, with recommendations for repair. The importance of this service is to ensure we are providing the correct coverage and applying the right amount of water to maintain healthy plants. We include our status checks within our scope of work, because plant health is our top priority. Irrigation systems go through normal wear and tear throughout the year and making simple repairs such as replacing old nozzles and sprinkler heads can save you from making costly replacements of law or plants, as well as water waste leading to a high water bill.

Photo by Q. Hu01b0ng Phu1ea1m on

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